• Departments and Specialities
  • Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Electrical Automation Technology
    Electromechanical Integration Technology
    Electronic Information Engineering Technology
    Electric Motor & Electric Appliance Technology
    Industrial Robot Technology
    Electrical Engineering & Automation (4-year)
    Department of Mechanical Engineering Machinery Design & Manufacture
    Machinery Design & Manufacture (Valve Design & Manufacture)
    Mould Design & Manufacture
    Machinery Manufacture & Automation
    Numeral Control Technology
    Mechanical Engineering (4-year)
    Department of Architectural Engineering Architectural Engineering Technology
    Environmental Art Design
    Project Cost
    Architectural Design
    Real Estate Operation & Management
    Department of Information Technology Computer Network Technology
    Software Technology
    Digital Media Application Technology
    Big Data Technology and Application
    Information Security & Management
    Department of Business Management International Commerce
    Business Management
    Hotel Management
    Start-up & Operation of SMEs
    Business English
    Department of Finance & Accounting Accounting
    Investment & Financial Management
    College of Design & Innovation Shoe Design & Technology
    Product Design
    Fashion & Clothing Elements Design
    Furniture Design & Manufacture
    Fashion Performance
    Communication & Planning
    Graphic Design & Communication
    Ruian College Automotive Electronic Technology
    Urban Rail Transit Management
    Intelligent Control Technology
    Machinery Design & Manufacture (Auto Parts Manufacturing)
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